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With the help of four exemplary songs, Victor Smolski will guide you through the history of the metal guitar heroes.
From Heavy Metal à la Iron Maiden and Judas Priest to Trash Metal in the style of the early Metallica
up to Speed and Progressive Metal, you will discover the most brilliant licks and riffs.

You will learn the most important stylistic elements of the rhythm guitar: metal chords, downstrokes, harmonic
riffs and much more. Subsequently, Victor will show you how tappings, chime tones, slap technique and special
effects will blow your audiences minds listening to your solo. Naturally, you will also get to know the secret tricks by which the great guitar heroes like John Petucci, Dimebag Darrell and Paul Gilbert  themselves kick out the jams at their performance.

To make sure you really have fun, the DVD contains the four exemplary songs that we recorded live. For all guitar
players who have basic knowledge and want to know what's what in metal!

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