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In 'Microphone Practice', Norbert Pawera, a qualified sound engineer and microphone specialist, explains in clear and simple language the difference between the various types of microphone, filling in the scientific background and examining the interaction between instruments, room acoustics and microphones.

The emphasis of the book is upon the choice and positioning of microphones in the studio and on stage, whether for classical music, jazz or rock. The author offers practical solutions to a whole range of commonly encountered problems - from the miking of lead vocals to the recording of whole choirs, from the spot-miking of individual instruments to stereo recording techniques for the entire orchestra - as well as reaching deep into his bag of tricks for ideas that should give even the experienced recording engineer food for thought. At the back, there's an overview of today's microphone market, designed to guide the consumer through the myriad of available solutions.

'Microphone Practice' spares performers and sound engineers alike the time-consuming and costly hazards of trial-and-error. With its practical approach and clear layout, 'Microphone Practice' is designed not just as a textbook but also as a quick source of reference for the sound check or the studio.

ISBN 978-3-932275-63-0

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